#30 Days April Photo Challenge


After the last photo challenge. I really wanted to do another challenge. This time round though using digital as it is just more convenient and I don’t have another roll of film to spare.

So with thrust for a new photo challenge I decided to check out PInterest for inspiration. I havn’t used Pinterest in the past for anything and only found out about it from a friend. Searching for photo challenge brought up some good suggestion but in the end I decided to go with this one:

#00 - List

It’s similar to the last one in that it is a list of things that you need to be photographed, but this time there is a time restriction to it. There is a list of 30 things to photograph and each number corresponds to the day in the month. It can be used for any month with 30 days in it but I’ve decided to use it in April 2014. So hence the tag #30DaysAprilPhotoChallenge.

I only found this idea on day 3 of April so wasn’t able to start from the beginning but below you will see how far I have got. And if you’re watching this after April 2014 then you’ll see the complete set :-)

Cheap Tog Cheap Camera Challenge


Well I have finally completed the Cheap Tog Cheap Camera Challenge using my Pentax film SLR. Received the photos back from the development and really pleased with how they came out.

Below is a slide show of the photos that I took.

I really enjoyed this challenge. It was good to use film again and be limited by what I could do. It just goes to show you that having the latest set of DSLR equipment doesn’t mean you’ll take good photos. With a camera that wasn’t working correctly and using a smartphone to calculate exposure settings and guessing some of the time I’m very pleased with the results.

Looking forward to the next challenge.

35mm film in a world of digital


Some of you might of seen from my vlogs I am doing a photo challenge set down by Ben which involves using a film camera.

I thought I’d share in writing my thoughts and experiences so far in using film in a digital world.

Its 2014 now and the last time I sent off a roll of film to be processed was over 10 years ago. The world has changed alot since then and the digital medium of photography has taken over for sure.


It has come to the point that going into a camera shop and asking for a roll of 24 exp. film you get a surprised look from the shop owner. Even more when I explain that I have a DSLR but want to use film instead.

The reasons for how digital photography has taken over the whole planet is quite easy really. It’s quick, fast and cheap compared to film.

The idea of using film now, seem quite alien. Trying to work out how you load film was the first hurdle, but at the same time I am excited about revisiting this old format and appreciating it with new eyes.

Thinking more about the shot

One of the mains things I’ve found so far about film is how much more time and thought goes into a shot. Digital has made us quite lazy in this regard. Fire off a shot, instantly look at the preview to see if it has come out and if it doesn’t look right then just snap away another photo until you get it right. Don’t get me wrong, I see this as a positive too but I feel that film just makes it that little more special at digital doesn’t.


by “2 people”

Film is a different story, you’re limited on the number of exposures (24 in my case) and with that there is more pressure on getting it right the first time. Plus you can’t see the results until you get the film developed so there a level of anticipation and excitement on whether your photos has turned out well.

There are still many people out there that use film over digital and for many reason. One person I follow on flickr uses both digital and film cameras is Eleanor Carter and recommend you check out her photostream.

Santa Pod

by “Eleanor Carter”

Thank you for stopping by and until the next time :)